Portfolio photographers in Gauteng – using the bath for a shoot

Portfolio photographers in Gauteng.

I always like to reconnect with previous clients, it’s always fascinating to see what has happened in their lives since the last time I saw them, and usually by them, my own style has grown as well, and I enjoy adding new things to their new shoot with me.

This lovely yoga-instructor had a shoot with another photographer during last year, of which I took video for, and we paired up again for something new and different. Jenna has long blonde hair, which I thought would work perfect for an underwater session. My idea was to make her look like a type of firebird, and I created a bodice for her with red, yellow and orange tones which suited her skin tone so well, and I do love shooting portfolios for all types of people, and enjoy being one of the successful portfolio photographers in Gauteng.

The pool really just didn’t work out, and it turned out to be particularly cold that we didn’t even attempt to move underwater, it just was too uncomfortable. I also didn’t want to waste the opportunity, and the house we were at had amazing Roman baths which I thought would work well too, with her red bathing suit, and the light colour of the bath would make it pop well.

I still incorporated the bodice made for her, and we made the water effect work as best we can together.

I used my nifty Lume Cubes for added illumination, please see below a link that would take you to a place to order some for yourself.

Water has become of my favourite mediums to work with, I enjoy the reflections it gives, and there is a softness to it, it always just makes me feel calm. It’s also something to be careful of…water and camera equipment do not mix well…:), so I have to be sure what should be covered, is covered well.


See Jenna’s behind the scenes video here!

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer  

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