Fabulousdotcom models is an amazing agency that provide girls of colour, and the richness of African girls, the chance to be recognised in the modeling industry. Their owner, Lydia, has ensured an amazing great deal of publicity and focus are put on these girls, and they are climbing amazing ladders, and doing amazing things. I love shooting with Models in Studio –  it really is one of my most favourite shoots to immerse myself into.

Posing them, working with their long and lean shapes, and just seeing how every girl moves differently in front of the camera. Their stunning star Anyon Asola, originally from South Sudan, I have photographed a few times already. When Lydia phones and says that would like me to photograph one of her girls then it always makes me excited because I have enormous love for skin, and how different skin adapts to different light, and how each skin type gives unique highlights and glows. This is Vanessa Kilem, another star in the making, who recently appeared in a spread in the esteemed Dekat magazine.

Dark skin however has a magical quality, and I really love what mood can be created with the off-fall of light onto arms and shoulders, and there where it touches it just creates the smallest of lines, or maybe just a glow, such as the curve of arms, or the hollow places of shoulders, or a collarbone.

I know how very poetic and maybe even philosophical it sounds but it makes for amazing portraits when skin meets lights, and I love the fashion- and beauty genre, because of what it can give me as the photographer. Every year is different for Loci, some bring more of a certain genre that shows interest. Some shows the direct reaction of good relationships built, and now more people saw work that perhaps were shown on social media.

For me, I love all aspects of portrait photography, en being able to express so much, trying to get emotive responses and impactful portraits, makes it all worth it. Models in Studio – my studio, has been one of those things that I’ve dreamt of, and the fact that I get to work with such good agencies, makes for good relations and wonderful shooting!


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer

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