Shooting portfolios with Tansey Coetzee

It’s not everyday you get to shoot with a former Miss South Africa. Getting to work with the beautiful and bubbly Tansey Coetzee was a joy and a privilege as she can go from a sincere, stunning, big smile to a sultry and sensual look, in a moment, as she is trained to do.

Shooting portfolios with any model isn’t what I do most, it’s not the work I do too often. Still, it’s people, and working with people have always fascinated me and is what I like best.

Photography is still such a saturated career, there are many of us, each with their own style. The very best thing to do is to perhaps…..just not always think of the competition, and keep on doing you, shooting what you like and what makes YOU happy. Shooting portfolios now is a new love of mine to explore more…

I try and train myself to like, or at least tolerate all aspects of this job, and I give it all a try whether it be with new models, or even recently, trying out video as our Fujifilm X-T2’s have 4K video capability, and makes for amazing moving stories.

I wanted to use a bit of contrast with Tansey, and show her different sides. Light…contrast….they all are different and interesting little things that can change the mood of an image quickly, or how you wish for your shoot to look. What we did what Tansey worked in different ways, because she is so versatile in look and so gorgeous. She brought along an incredible makeup artist Tracey Byrne – makeup always has a way of transforming a shoot into something extraordinary and what Tracey did, looked so beautiful.

My life has been to only try and bring my talents to its full potential, whatever that may be. It might not even have one limit, or end in one place, but it still always seem to evolve and become something new to reach, to change into, and to try and conquer.

We make our own luck I believe, and it’s always up to me to try my best to give any client, whether it’s a new, tentative boudoir client wanting images for her husband, or a skilled former Miss South Africa knowing her stuff, a high-quality product, and something of value.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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