Sometimes, you get to work with lovely makeup artists who try super hard to make it work for themselves, and this young lady really is amazing, I’ve used her before for a very big project I did for Lume Cube, for whom I am an ambassador, and she just shon in all of her ability and skill. One of my most favourite shoots are beauty shoots, I love incredible makeup and working so close to skin.

Zizi Mulaudzi messaged me during the course of last year because she mentioned she wants to build her portfolio, and still wants to work with the best – would I be willing to meet her halfway and see if we could work something out. Her work is actually lovely, and as time passed and we did more shoots together, her skill just kept improving. This stunning red look, worked great the paired headscarf. Working with any sort of model, and seeing what look is needed, works well with great direction.

This lovely lady was quite shy, but within working with her I knew I wanted something that showed off her stunning set of makeup, but used her hands as well.

Working with Zizi is a blast because she really tries so superbly hard to get the makeup absolutely perfect, because it makes for easy editing in beauty shoots, and really shows a dedicated makeup artist devoted to her skill.

The red was so striking, with a smokey eye and a hint of gold. The model has a beautiful full mouth and makes for a lovely soulful look, she carried the red so well.

After some time working together and receiving her photos, Zizi sent me the most beautiful message saying how it really helped build her confidence in beauty and makeup, being able to present such good work for her portfolio and in the salon she was working at, and that’s when it’s all worth it, helping to give back and at the same time enjoying it so much!

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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