Beauty shoots have become I really enjoy, you get to work with the pretty in life, and meeting makeup artists, seeing how they do their craft as well – makes for good relationship building, and these are the type of people you treasure in time to come. There will always be new projects to try and new ideas you want to see come to life, it’s the ever-artists in us, and for those type of special things, you always need a good makeup artist that you can try and convey your message to, and they make it happen.

Zizi found me on Facebook and wanted to work with me in expanding her portfolio, as she is a makeup artist knowing the best way to showcase what you can do, is by having good representation visually of your work, and those images must be taken professionally otherwise it doesn’t help at all.

I also believe in good client service, and if you treat your clients well, they are always willing to spread your name positively again with their own networks. It’s a wonderful pat on the back when you get good feedback, and through Christelle, who was Zizi’s model for her first, dewy and quite natural look, I have received more work and references and it’s then when you know hard work is what pays off – together with good quality produced as well.

It’s been the basis on what I have built my business on. I always have tried to produce work for people, I know I would be happy to receive myself. If I wasn’t yet happy, I worked until I was.

This year will be five years I have my photography business, and it’s been quite a ride, you learn so many new things along the way as techniques and technology constantly changes.

May Loci Photography on continue to grow into something more, something better, meeting great new people, and exploring new trends and genres, like Beauty shoots …..:)


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer