Working with women – my beautiful cause

Working with women is where I found an underlying passion laid. Women, are cool, and I like that. I like their lines, and their manner in general, the way the move their wrists, and stand with their ankles, and show of their necks, and hair. What women have, men plainly will not ever be able to carry, and it’s their right.

I find women magical, and having started to photograph them, already then have unlocked so much of my own femininity, and have become a decent way for me to express in an animated way how I’ll be able to give them such an amazing product. I don’t just shoot emotionless, I get really excited when I see things happening through the camera, and when I get certain shots, I gasp out of happiness. I shot with a younger girl yesterday, part of the Boss models group here in South Africa, and what a joy. When those are done I’ll definitely make them into a beautiful blog – and just to hold the camera in such a way again. Just to try and give this new, fresh faced amazing young girl, a great set of images for her book.

She is stunning, and I’m sure she’ll make it far still.

This is about all women. This is about all women, working with women, wanting to have a great visual representation of themselves. We all just want to feel we’re captivating, something within in is exactly what another desires, and something that we are, is the thing that the world needs. We want to be that. And we’re been cut down and made less by the world’s standards, and it’s now gone too far, we’ve all been influenced and now there is a piece of broken faith in all of us.

My aim is not to get to philosophical and make this morbid or sad – I just know how I myself have some insecurities, and how I also would want great pictures of myself. It’s wonderful to have that tangible evidence, looking at yourself and really feeling how this makes you proud, and that God really felt the world needed one of you too.

I’m tired of fighting this battle constantly, but I know how special the gift is that I give, and how it makes others happy, proud, and if that makes them feel just that tad better about themselves, then I am doing a good job, and mission accomplished.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer – be sure to check out my listing on Pink Book!