Working with models – some studio shooting

Sometimes you meet nice and beautiful people, and Nicole Wocke is exactly that. She makes for an amazing day shooting. She is so good at posing, it leaves YOU as photographer happy and elated. Working with models I still love, even after some years in the industry.

I’ve known Nicole through some shoots for years, and I really respect and admire her for how good she does her craft. It’s always a joy shooting with her, and may I have many more such opportunities again in future. Nicole is part of the Ice Models list of amazing models, and really knows her stuff, as she has been part of various publications and editorials.

Last year during a very intense creative project, I used various people with different looks for the outcome of my project, and of the shoots of about a dozen, was Nicole. Before we went on to do the creative shooting idea, we did some usual portfolio-type of shots for her to use, and I loved what they are, even if only simple and not over-the-top.

Nicole…is a dream to work with, and I know I’m repeating myself. I think some people come into your life for a reason and Nicole was that. When I met her about 3 years ago, she was then the sweetest girl ever, even though such a killer in front of the camera, she nails looks and poses so well – she is still sweet and beautiful and various amazing adjectives.

I don’t think being a model is always easy, you have to interpret what the photographer wants without them always making it very clear and you have to try your best to give that shoot the correct look. Nicole has done this for many years and I think with some good guidance from the photographer, any models can help to make a shoot as impactful as the photographer or creative director would want it. Working with models can be a great symbiotic relationship and can make for great shoots, and add to everyone’s book in such a positive way.

Nicole was wearing and incredible shirt my Smudj….:)

Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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