Welcome to Loci Photography! Professional studio- and location photographic service with seven years’ experience in producing high-quality wedding, family, boudoir, portfolio- and event photography in Gauteng, as well as nationwide work.

Work featured on Top Billing, in Beeld, Rapport, Kuier Magazine, Dekat, Sarie, Die Burger, Mail&Gaurdian, Juice Magazine, Real Brides, Mamas & Papas.


The ultimate care goes into the very best representation of your special day, with a great, captivating set of images- and products to have you remember your wedding day fondly by.

  • Covering your wedding in full, with creative- as well as standard sets.
  • Helping the couple with their schedule-planning for the optimum time of day to shoot in, for their most important sets of images, in the best ideal light available.
  • 7 years of professional experience nationwide, with many weddings featured publicly.
  • As appeared on Top Billing, as well as in Real Bride, Huisgenoot, You, Kuier Magazine & Rapport


A sensual, liberating boudoir experience is something that every woman should do once in her life. Why not give yourself the ultimate feminine  experience you know you deserve?

  • Shot by a professional female photographer.
  • Strategic posing, only showing the very best in every woman.
  • Makes for an amazing gift to yourself, or a loved one, but done to improve the image you have of yourself, in the best visual way of capturing your inner beauty, on camera.


Capturing your function- or event’s details professionally, making sure the effort and time spent to construct the appeal of your function, are captured to remember it fondly.

Every unique event has it own aesthetic, and a different symbolic, which I pedantically realize and make sure to get caught.

  • BBEEE certified, and over 6 years’ experience with high-profile-, as well as smaller, intimate events.
  • 21st birthdays, award evenings, team-building days, expo’s, opening days, all birthdays, stork tea’s, matric dances and all other special events.


Children have a way of growing up too fast, so we best remember the best moments, by priceless images that make you never forget.

  • Different packages provide different products for your individual needs, but all packages will be executed with the highest of standards and treated with great care.
  • Studio-, and on-location shoots.
  • 7 years of professional experience nationwide, good guidance, and the option for additional decorative products, such as canvasses and coffee table books.


A professional studio- or on-location shoot for your portfolio. Providing a modern look and feel, suitable for editorial, commercial and magazine- use.

  • A high-quality product for every person wanting to have a great portfolio of images of themselves depicted in an editorial- or commercial way.
  • Taken with professional photographic equipment to give you a magazine style feel.
  • Edited in post production to give it an edgy, extraordinary look, a product to be proud of.

Creative Projects

There should always be an outlet for creative- and passion projects, and often there are the chance for these, to go a bit beyond everyday shooting, and explore more imaginative and artistic ways of expression.

  • Many projects end up being published in newspapers, magazines or online.
  • Publications include Dekat, Sarie, Beeld, Rapport, Die Burger, Mango Juice in-flight magazine, Huisgenoot, Real Brides.
  • These works provides amazing outlets for myself, and a chance to bring me and other creatives together, whether it be only for something that is a fantasy come true, or a cause close to my heart, such as cancer awareness or sexual abuse- and assault awareness.