Weddings are supposed to be magical. They just are. Because you work with two people who are in love, about to make an important and special promise, and they do it with their loved ones there, with one day arranged so beautifully.

Held at Galagos, a stunning Pretoria-venue if rustic, a bit of a forested-feel, dark wood is what you like, and their reception had a classic, romantic look about it.

With a very shy groom, and a bride that couldn’t stop smiling, I worked together with them as couple, and we were able to get a set of lovely, romantic, and natural couple of photos of them especially when the groom started feeling more comfortable as his lovely bride was with him.

I don’t think it is ever possible to handle every wedding, or every shoot even for that matter, the same, as no two people are the same, and just as some couples really are outgoing, loud and spontaneous, some have to be coached and helped a little, and have more of a tentative way about them. So there is no right or wrong, there is a sense of people-skills and understanding that happens, and for your own good, for the sake of good images, you help whomever is in front of the camera, to be more relaxed, and the set up a shot so that you too, are happy with the result, and know you are able to provide your clients with the best product possible.

Galagos has many different nooks and corners, and is designed in such a way, that certain places are filled with thick bush, and around some corners it’s open, with lovely trees and the beautiful rays of the sun coming through if you get to shoot that time of day.

Weddings are magical like I say, and photographing them is not only fun, but a great service to offer my clients looking for a well-rounded, high-quality product.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography