Way too many things happen on a wedding day. It’s a lot to deal with and can be severely overwhelming. It has the tendency to rush by so fast too, at the end of it all you struggle to fathom so many months worth of planning that had gone by already and the effort that is now gone, all too soon.

These small things, don’t go past the professional photographer, and the responsibility of making you not forget these little things that added sparkle to your day, is one we creatively handle, and make sure to capture – wedding photographs are both fun, but also a responsibility to capture, and capture well, because we have to understand how much planning, effort and money are going into this one day, and a proper product is expected.

The chosen venue, the table decorations, the flower arrangements – all forms part of the aesthetic of your wedding day, and it makes part of your wedding photographs set, and a very important one in that. Your wedding is very much a reflection of you, and your tastes, what you feel represents your style, whether it be modern, maybe romantic, maybe colourful, maybe more fun, maybe casual – all of your choices and decisions for everything, is what you want, because of who you are.

We can also get very creative which is ultimately what we feed off of, and we make sure to have you never forget, what you day looked like in whole. You have planned, you have saved up, you have put in a lot of effort, you have styled and add and taken away, and now – it is the professional photographers job, to go, and make some magic with it all, in the shape of some stunning images, all to be able to provide you with a high quality product.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Vaal River Wedding Photography