To have watched this beautiful couple’s love story was a joy. I know the bride from some time ago, and a previous shoot I have done for her, and she told me the beautiful story, of how she and her now-husband, have come together.

This was a small, intimate wedding close to the Vaal River, and their guests weren’t told, they are actually attending a wedding. Their wedding photography set was calm and casual and they only laughed, smiled and kissed.

Because it was held close to both of their birthdays, their few guests were told they will be attending their birthday party. Much to their surprise they were escorted down some steps, towards a seated area next to the water, and many of them only realized then what was about to happen.

I do suggest, doing a pre-wedding talk with clients. With any wedding, be it big or small, or even quite spontaneous such as this one, there are many variables, and it’s important to have both you and the couple, be on the same page photographically in order to give them the best product.

I’m not one for just “eye-balling” a wedding, and leaving many things up to chance, I like to be as prepared as possible, for about the only reason to really be able to give them as many images as possible that best represents the day.

The couple-shoot is the most important set of images as part of their wedding photography set, and ample time must be given for the photographer to give you their skill, and their professionalism. I can never stress this enough. We always try and have our time over-estimated, not underestimated, and one this particular day, a storm was brewing so we had to hustle outside.

They were very much in love, and also an older couple, and it was wonderful to see that nothing could phase them during the day.

Everything was done very simply, but elegantly, and her accent colour of a few spots of red, helped make the day stunning.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Wedding Photography