I’ve know Bianca le Grange since 2009, when I had asked her one day, if I could just photograph her, for images to add to my portfolio. We hit it off immediately. I had been able to follow her career for years, and when it came time for her to get married, she phoned me, and said, she trusted me to capture their big day, and I was honoured. A celebrity wedding, and celebrity wedding photography, was to test me quite well.

The images in this blog shows some of their promise to each other, made in the beautiful chapel of the Zorgvliet Wine Estate, in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Bianca and David spent the day, very much in love, and the way they looked at each other shows it clearly. Their service was light and more casual, but still with the knowledge of the promise and dedication their were giving to each other. throughout the day there was lovely smiles, especially from the great deal of funny, humorous guests, such as Mark Lottering, Emo Adams, Christo Davis, and even David’s own brother was a hoot.
It was a stunning summer’s day in the Cape, and we were blessed with the lovely weather we received. The whole day was beautiful, and we never had any wind, or the chance of rain. I knew few women who can smile as brightly as Bianca, and also in turn, I have seen few men who look so fondly, and so deeply, and so lovingly at their brides.

Bianca’s beautiful dress was designed by designer Hendrik Vermeulen, and she looked like a dream. A wedding I will most definitely not forget, and one I’m sure, they felt was their dream come true. The cast of Top Billing was also present, asking many of the celebrities invited and what their experience of the day was, and also holding interviews with David and Bianca. Celebrity wedding photography is no easy task, and it makes you work for all your worth – and then it’s so exciting and full of so much reward.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer