This stunning couple was nothing but so amazingly in love on their wedding day. He looked at her so sweetly, and she looked like a dream. Wedding Photography is always magical, no matter how much someone might say it’s hard work. And even though it is, the day is still dreamy, and it still is the promise two people get to make.

It was held a famous venue in Pretoria, and the decor was spectacular. Wedding images, is a great responsibility and perhaps the one thing many photographers starting off in the business, get wrong. It isn’t something you can do over again, and you need to understand your gear, and the moment’s scope – what exactly you need to do to get the best shots for a great set of wedding pictures. Work with the couple, some people are more spontaneous than others, others are more shy. Read your crowd and work to make them feel comfortable.

The right time of day was used for their couple photo-set, so we had lots of golden- and yellow colours in the sky… It made for stunning Wedding Photography that day, and a great product, for them. Golden, yellow, orange tones… romantic, and so beautiful. The way the groom looked at his bride the whole day, showed their immense love.

Ask your clients before the wedding, if at least an hour can be given for their couple set, and use that well. Perhaps arrive somewhat earlier than you need to meet the bride while she is getting ready, and scout the place for some good places that might work for the couple set. So use the best light before sunset, which is rich and golden for their special images, so you’ll be able to give them a breathtaking product filled with colour and romance.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Wedding Photography Pretoria