This was a stunning, detailed wedding, done beautifully, with most of the insight coming from the clever bride who wanted their wedding to reflect their travels together. She looked beautiful, and they had a little ceremony beforehand where she revealed herself to him, and they had their first set of couple photos together. They had the opportunity to travel the United States extensively and made their theme for the wedding, everything States-based. From naming the tables things like Chicago, New York & San Fransisco, to having Hershey Bars and real brownies for dessert.

What made for a perfect February, Southern Hemisphere summers day, with no winds, and great weather, was a wedding that I won’t ever forget. They both smiled so brightly, and so beautifully the whole day. Little airplanes hung from the trees, and all guests were given “boarding passes” for their seating plans.
This is an overseas trend, that is still under debate here, if that is what many couples want. For the sake of time of their guests, they decided to do some images beforehand, and then afterwards, did some more when the sun set….
Their wedding was held at Waterfall Cove in Muldersdrift, and the chose the option to use the outside chapel which was beautiful. Guests enjoyed the sunny February weather and the soft shade the trees provided…

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Wedding Photographer Muldersdrift