Goodbye Christmas – hello Valentine’s Day! A Valentine’s Day Boudoir shoot is exactly the type of gift – you can give to yourself, OR, your partner. Valentine’s day is that one-silly-love-day, and we can do whatever we want, and feel it’s because of love, and that’s cool too.

Valentine’s Day, isn’t a true holiday, but one absolutely everyone knows, and one we all secretly wish to receive something – something cute, or special, or even something that makes no sense, like a pen that lights up. But it makes you feel – somebody thought of you, and made the effort to do something for only you.

A boudoir shoot is a wonderful experience for any woman, or if you wish – even a couple boudoir shoot that is something both of you can do together.

When your lady goes through the trouble of arranging a boudoir shoot, and she gives you that product, that gift – be sure that it was done with such care, and it’s a gift to treasure.

I don’t always know why boudoir spoke so deeply to me, and why I started majoring in it. Every journey with every single woman, is different, and I love the shoots, to see their excitement on when they pack their things out, and the anticipation on not quite yet knowing what to expect.

Love, and life means something different to all of us, perhaps to some, a huge elaborate gift is what they want to give. For others, they want to keep it intimate and small.

Whatever your feeling about it is, you can be sure that if a Valentine’s Day Boudoir shoot is what you want to do this year, you’re in the best of hands with pro-photographer Yolandi Jacobsz, the owner of Loci Photography. Well-published and having been doing photography for almost a decade, my niche is boudoir, and my passion is the work I get to do with each woman.

Specials are on for February and March 2017, for Boudoir.
Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer