My good friend Ilse Moore is an amazing underwater photographer. Ilse has her art with underwater photography down, and understand it very well. SO much so that she is a regular speaker at the Photo and Film Expo that happens in Johannesburg every year where many amazing photographers get to speak about their different genres, and how they have mastered it. She and her husband Sean, even built a tank filled with water, to show live, how they do what they do, right there. Ilse is quite the inspiration, and last year at the Expo I was able to get a Brother camera housing for my Fujifilm X-T2, and only recently began to use it after attending a workshop she help not too long ago.

It’s a whole different way of shooting, and has many things different to normal shooting, for sure.

Apart from the obvious  – always making sure your housing is securely closed inside of the housing for example, it suddenly became a new mindset, in regards to posing your model. Everything you want to have happen, you articulate above water, and then – you go down, and hope for the best.

Hair has a way of going all over, and not staying…..anything that will stick to something, does, and faces can look in states of duress of not relaxed.

My first tries, were mostly in cold pools, something to also get used to. And one shoot tried, which I’m so excited for, and happy about – is the one I did with amazing model Elsa Hansen, from Boss Models.

Elsa is really going to go somewhere, and will still take her modeling to great heights, and she is willing to give all things a try. We were both cold, but still she pushed through, and made it happen.

Being the creative I am, I conceptualized ideas and a certain look for her shoot, and I incorporated balloons for a dreamy feel. I wanted Elsa’s underwater photography shoot to have a shimmering, shiny feel, and we added elements, from her dresses glistening, to her makeup having a shiny feel.

Her makeup was done by amazing makeup artist Melissa Minne, and for additional lighting, I used the nifty little Lume Cubes, a powerful little constant light source, for which I am an ambassador.

I really love this genre, and for all practical purposes I’ll keep doing it, and try and master it as well as some of the best.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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