The most beautiful clothing pieces to rent by Nicolassi


The Nicolassi clothing range might possibly one day expand into something more, something bigger, but the biggest goal I had with it when I started its design and with some initial pieces, was because I wanted to be inspired again anew in my own studio. After more than a decade of shooting boudoirs and portfolios, I wanted to present clients visiting the studio, new shapes and textures that would elevate their final products. Good strong shapes, beautiful fabrics and a strong empowered goal to power dress especially women with pieces they wouldn’t just be able to find in a mainstream store or even online.

Endlessly scouting sites like Pinterest proved to be very inspirational and made for good starting references on pieces that ended up taking their own shapes.
After making a lovely deep pink tulle coat, I made a second one in trusted black, also having it own soft, flowing character. 

It’s perfect for boudoirs as most of my pieces can show as much or as little as you want, and this lovely long below-the-knee coat provides its own frame for the body.

9 Layers of tulle makes for some great textures that are fairy-like, feminine and a helpful aid, having just some pieces of lovely skin peer through, enough to make images seductively sensual but keep it classically beautiful.

The Nicolassi Brand has been a fun project to start, in what has now developed into a very serious part of Loci Photography’s studio shoots. I’m fortunate to shoot with mostly women, and we’re all drawn to stunning couture and things you can touch with a luxurious feel. Texture excites us, things like lace, leather or fur receive such a positive reaction and whenever a client puts a piece over their shoulders or slides their arms through, their body language changes and they feel the excitement of something adding to their stunning product.

See other pieces of the range here.

Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Couturier