The fitness shoot done in studio, Pretoria


I’ll always and forever love the fitness shoot. It seems that even though these are dedicated individuals who plan their life according to meal plans and gym visits, they are amazingly friendly as well, and some surprisingly humble.

This client was one of those good surprises. I’ve never gotten used to it and maybe that is a good thing -to always leave some room for a good surprise. We were able to have such a great conversation, and I always get to learn a little bit about people and their history, their own story that way.

The fitness shoot is obviously a different style of shooting that a corporate shoot for example, or even the smiles we want to show during family shoots – it’s about the body’s focus and the work only they as individuals put in to have it look that way.

My job is to make it technically work well. Lighting can be such a great tool, in no better manner than for the fitness shoot – as it has a way of giving the right amount of shadows and highlights that a toned body presents it to light.

Family shoots are about the growth of a family, children who seem to grow faster and get older before we even think they should, the beautiful boudoir shoot is about the celebration of mostly the female body if it’s only a lady who booked for her shoot, something like an event is to immortalise a specific moment in time – but the fitness shoot is about the incredible way a body can be transformed through dedication and discipline. Your shoot, is your memory, and your dedication to keep pushing and to always aim to live as healthily as possible.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography