The classic boudoir shoot, done a bit differently

True boudoir really is done in a bedroom or a more homely setup, but I have throughout the years, been bending the rules a little with welcoming women into my home studio where I also do my own version of the classic boudoir shoot, and this experience is also given to any woman who would like this type of shoot, but is opting for the studio.

At the end of the day, it’s an intimate, private, beautiful shoot that has the client feeling  beautiful, wonderful and will have her feel proud of her product. This is many times used as a gift to the groom of the client is a bride-to-be, and she wants to present it to him before the wedding, or also many times as an anniversary gift after the wedding – whatever the occasion, it is never a bad idea to do a boudoir shoot. I think I have been able to work with hundreds of women, each time giving them a pleasant experience in front of the camera which can be daunting, and helping with flattering posing, and a pleasant memory that will make them think fondly of their shoot.

It’s such a good personal growing moment for me, when I learn about the stories behind each shoot, and it’s many times the difference that connects all of us. Sometimes women asks if they are vain having all of these photos taken of only them, or that they are scared of what a mother or their family might think about it, and even though that is fair and valid, it still stays your personal choice, and with Loci Photography’s classic boudoir shoot experience, done a bit differently – you are in good hands and will be sure of a flattering, gorgeous product. 

It’s a shoot that can make you at first very unsure about what you’ll receive, but Loci is very proud of the wonderful Google reviews so far received on its business directory, and those types of things come from client’s hearts, it is the memory that stuck with them in regards to their shooting and client-services experience with me, have a look – book, and know that you’re shoot will be handled professionally and in the most flattering of ways.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer