The boudoir shoot for any and every woman


I never feel it should only be the smallest, most toned or fit ladies who book boudoir shoots, and that should visit my studio. It should be anyone who feels they want to experience this type of shoot, as quite frankly – every woman deserves it too.

This incredible woman- wife and businesswoman, came for her own shoot recently, and truly showed off her “muchness”, as I love to call it. I never have found the right word for that magical moment when clients find something different to their innate role as mother or wife, in the studio environment, where they have a beautiful set of underwear on, there usually is a fan blowing their hair making them truly feel a bit like Cindy Crawford, and when their body language changes to fit the feel of the shoot. “Muchness” seems to fit the best, so I coined it.

The boudoir shoot is -and will always be for anyone wanting to try it, and anyone is welcome in the Loci Studio, situated in Pretoria. My boudoir shoots are best expressed with what the studio provides, some mood and atmosphere, and the play of shadows and light that can be super flattering to any body type. The studio is immensely forgiving, and gives the right features time to shine. Those small things we want to hide or not be as upfront, we can work with in the studio to make it less obvious. Being a woman myself – I know how sensitive any woman is to how her body is portrayed, and how a photo is forever, so it hopefully is the very best version of themselves. A photographer’s work is to be responsible towards any client’s image, and their sensitivities, and having been able to do hundreds of boudoir shoots during my career, I know that that – is mostly my responsibility, and I handle it with great care.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography