Test Shooting in studio

The wonderful thing about photography is that it’s so versatile, a week will consist out of so many different things, and in a month you’ll be able to count so many different people met, and so many different shoots done, and something I hold dear, are beauty shoots, and portfolio photography with a model. Test Shooting for models can help to kickstart their careers well.

It’s usually with either a new or quite a trained model, and the objective is either to showcase her style in front of the camera and how she handles that with test-shoots or to showcase an interesting, creative set of makeup or purely something done for the purpose of showing skin of close-up.

You can do so many things with light, it’s virtually the thing we get to play with most and in that you can control shadows and contrast, and make of good photos, great photos with impact.

Being creative comes more difficult to some, and easier for others, and for myself, it’s been the thing I like most about myself sincere forever and it’s the thing that keeps me going, the fact that I can just create things out of nothing.

I think some people will carry on with their styles and way of shooting, building, making, baking, creating – whichever, way for many years and never evolve – I think the fun thing is is that it CAN evolve, it doesn’t just have to be one way forever. We can make anything happen digitally these days, and it takes a little bit of trying and sometimes even a little bit of struggling.

With new models, I always try and associate with them a little, just like with any client – they don’t know you or your style yet, and quite frankly don’t know what you’re thinking so it’s best to convey that to them as good and clear as possible.

This wonderful model is Vanessa, from Fabulousdotcom models, and what Lydia, the agency’s owner is doing for these girls, is amazing – she really has pushed her agency to great heights and her models seem to now get amazing opportunities in new shows and editorials, worldwide.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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