Test shooting with Boss Models Jhb, working with an agency

Meeting this girl was a pivotal moment for me, for some Test shooting for Boss Models. I love doing portfolio shoots, it’s in a way quite personal, and every one of them is different, because every model is different contrary to some belief.

This was one of her first test shoots done in South Africa, and you wouldn’t believe the most incredible campaigns this girl has already been in this past year, ranging from known stores like Woolworths, PicknPay and Old Khaki and appearing in various editorials, Olivia Sang, represented by Boss Models Johannesburg, have only gone from strength to strength.

It was wonderful to connect with her, and to see what she could do, and it’s such a blessing to see someone move so easily and effortlessly, like Olivia did.

I loved this shoot, it was done at my home studio in Pretoria, which is equipped to do various styles of photography and I’ve gotten great use of it this past year.

Working with models, as with any type of portraiture gives me a chance to do what I like most about this job – the short bout of connection I have for the hour or two we shoot together. I get to know my subjects a little, I know a bit about their stories, this is part of what drives me.

I get very animated when I shoot, because I love what I see happening in front of – which is the result of both good flow and connection, and that syngery makes for good images because there is that thing that happened between me and the subject. It’s always, always the best part.

There are shoots I can look back on from years ago, and I still love the result because I know what could have been done in that moment, was done to the best of my ability.

Modelling portfolios- and Test shooting are really something I enjoy doing, and it’s great to provide them with a product they get to add to their portfolio, be it with an agency, or for personal use.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer

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