This was an amazing wedding, mostly because of the bride, being such a knockout, and transforming into a wonderfully, magical, breathtaking bride, the moment we put her dress on her. The groom only had eyes for her and even though a bit shy, he smiled brightly, the moment his girl was nearby.

It was held at Gecko Ridge, just outside of Pretoria, and what a great day it was. After a week of quite some hefty rains, we weren’t sure what type of weather we would have the Saturday, but we ended up with clear skies, and tremendous clouds which gave the final images a great dynamic.

When you have active skies, USE them, and be sure to make them part of your set’s feel. If you’re familiar with off-camera-flash, then use that to your advantage to get both your subjects, and the skies, in the image for something popping.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Stunning Wedding Photography