Stunning studio boudoir photography shot in Gauteng


I have loved boudoirs for many years, even since before I started my business, I have loved boudoirs all in the middle, and I still love stunning studio boudoir photography as they bring me immense joy, my many- and various boudoir shoots are showcased in this gorgeous boudoir gallery here.

Not only are the products I get to give people carefully shot with beautiful light and sensitively edited to add some lovely color and quality, but it’s the people – the women, that I get to share and exchange some unspoken magic with.

May I never get tired of this type of shoot, because I hope to find something equally as enjoyable and satisfying.

The boudoir shoot is for every- and any woman, and every woman brave enough to be photographed in their most intimate pieces of underwear, deserves an amazing and proud product.

This stunning woman was a bit shy at first, and eventually as the time passed gained a bit more confidence, which ended up shining through, a moment I sometimes wait for.

You can have any reason on this earth to want to book and do a boudoir shoot – it’ll always be a good reason, and always reason enough. I am here for all of the reasons. It’s supposed to be a shoot of sensual femininity, and I aim to make sure all women who visit my studio have the ultimate feminine experience. Exactly what each of them deserves, and each woman who does this shoot, receive the best of my ability.

The boudoir shoot is a good idea as a gift, as a self esteem boost, as a way to make you see your inner beauty, or purely for the fun of it. Nothing should be more liberating to your own view of yourself, than the enlightening way a boudoir shoot makes you look and feel. The Loci Studio does this shoot professionally and with care, to make sure you have a stunning set of images to be proud of.

Yolandi Jacobsz

Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography