Stunning matric dance images done in Pretoria


It’s probably not a secret that I enjoy matric dance shoots – I get to love vicariously through all of the lovely young people who get to have one magical night before the end of their many years in school. It’s a coming of age shoot, and it’s one night where your school uniform will not be the thing that gives you “muchness”, as I would like to call it.

This stunningly lovely young lady brought her strong and equally beautiful friend with for some amazing photos at the trusted- and tried venue which is the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, and that day we were blessed with some dramatic clouds that intended on making a statement.

This shoot will always be a favourite. Being so young, but old enough to end an important phase of your life already – makes me hopeful, and gives me joy, and I love to work with these young people as I help them to pose well in their lovely outfits for a product that will make them remember their evening even more.

The Loci Studio has printed a 6×8 book for many years already, as a popular product for various clients, as a great and memorable memento of their shoots. For something like the matric dance shoot, it makes for the perfect keepsake, as the evening unfortunately passes way too soon, and the morning after comes all too quick.

The 2020 matric dance shoot season was quite an interesting one, as many schools had their matric dance early in the year, before our lives changes in such an interesting way, and some had their canceled, rescheduled, and postponed in a matter of weeks due to new regulations and rules in place. Hopefully the matrics of 2021 have a calmer, more peaceful season to enjoy their stunning shoots, and their evening of fun and dress-up, so cheers to more stunning matric dance images done in Pretoria, an incredible city, home.

Also just a proud mention of being a proud user of the Elinchrom ELB400 outdoor lighting kit, especially making magic in a shoot like this on location.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography