I loved EVERY SECOND of this shoot, because I was able to deal with a gorgeous baby, and a lovely family who just went with the nature of their other bouncy boy – a busy and active two-year old who ruled the shoot.

I encourage families to use their homes and personal environments if that is where they are more comfortable, because these images will be what they look at most when you’ve already done your service to them. And the memory must be what will mean the most to them, and I had such fun using the natural light in this family’s stunning Pretoria home.

This very new baby only smiled and slept, and I enjoyed capturing this bond with a natural look and feel tremendously. There is probably nothing wrong with having your own style you love and do well, and what you feel suits you best – but being diverse, and doing more of what suits the client’s needs, is part of it, and makes for amazing shoots as well. You get to be a part of the family dynamic for a while, you’re almost intruding in what they have built in their own home with their own family, and you capture that carefully and with love. You work around moments of tickles, of showing kids things out of windows, with dads making jokes to help toddlers smile, and I love that process.

This sleeping baby luckily made my job super easy that day, and these calm and casual parents truly helped to keep their active older boy busy and entertained. It’s a collab of understanding and patience, and moments captured in between chaos. We can’t always script the process, we just run and roll with it. Stunning family photography done in Pretoria, at clients’ homes, their own familiar spaces, makes for precious memories.

Shoutout to my preferred shooting brand, the Fujifilm series, especially now having had upgraded to the amazing XT3 and XT4 systems, always trustworthy, user-friendly and amazing service.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography