Feminine and strong portfolio shoots done in studio


Clients book, and come for shoots for all types of reasons. This extremely beautiful woman visited my studio to remind herself still of her incredible beauty after a difficult time, and the camera just loved her. Beautifully built with stunning- and striking features, so made for a memorable set of images.

There is no wrong reason to want to do a shoot. When you search online for a good service provider, you find a professional whose work you admire and connect with, it is everyone’ own personal prerogative to book their own shoot purely for the need to have something visual to be a reminder, of your own strength even if for the moment, it is buried under some layers of complexity.

I enjoyed her shoot so much, we used the studio light to give her a bit of a fashion feel as well, with a contrast set against the white wall, resulting in beautifully defined darker shadows and gradients, which showed of her figure, gave her some dramatic wall shows, and elevated her strong features such as her beautiful nose, strongly. Her aim was also to perhaps join a modelling agency and a good photoshoot is the perfect place to start as well.

Going through older hard drives, gathering all of my images of previous shoots for my website’s blogs and content, makes me realise how incredibly lucky I am. I get to work with people from all walks of life, each one with their own unique story and history, some more shy than other, some with huge self esteems and healthy attitudes, and with each one you work differently, you handle them differently, you make sure you honour who they are well, so that the best version of themselves gets portrayed in their visual product you deliver to them.

Thanks again to my gear crew, the wonderful people of Fujifilm South Africa.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography