Some professional event photography in Johannesburg


Whenever we as photographers are able to capture events again like we used to, we’ll be there for all of , and join in the celebration because we all know how we actually have missed it.

Nobody knew the impact that Covid 19 would have on all of us, and even though I can get behind the rules and regulations set in place to protect the nation, we know how events like these filled us with joy to photograph, and how we got together in love and unity to celebrate a loved one’s birthday.

This stunning family is another old favourite of mine, as I have known especially the mother in a corporate capacity for years already. They are kind, good people, and have the most well-mannered sons I have ever met.

This was surprise birthday party for the father, set up by mom and sons, and all of dad’s friend’s and family were invited to celebrate with.

Event photos are memories, because we are perhaps too little aware of how time can just pass before us without us being able to stop it.

As photographers it’s always good to have open and clear communication with client’s beforehand so that you’re well aware for how long do they expect you to be at their event, how far do you need to travel perhaps, as well as what gear is perhaps necessary to take with.

Loci Photography have been photographing events- and function for almost ten years already, for various companies- and businesses, as well as for private clients for celebrations such as birthdays or graduations. For the sake of enjoying your event, it always serves to hire a professional photographer who captures all the details of your event well, from the organized decor to the speeches and of course, your people. Doing professional event photography in Johannesburg, Pretoria, all over Gauteng or nationwide, is what I’m good at, skilled to do, and I provide a good quality product.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography