Soft and classical boudoir photography


I enjoyed the soft beauty of this gorgeous woman so much, having her in my studio for her own stunning boudoir shoot. Another precise client who had some ideas of her own which she shared with me, which we tried to incorporate during her shoot. It’s always good to try and read your clients, many clients trust you ad photographer so implicitly that they take your advice and guidance diligently, other have seen some things they find beautiful, either as a style, or some usage of props, and then you work together with them to try and create a product that they will adore.

Difficult past relationships – or experiences have always been one driving force to have a boudoir shoot done, and I find it super interesting that the need to have some preserved inner beauty be shown to them as proof outwardly, with a visual product, is a big deal and would be something that forms part of their healing.

I do this type of shot not only for the fact that I love creating in the studio, with the way lights and shadows give me a moody product, but for the people. The people I get to meet through my photography business all form part of an incredible memory bank I have, as I listen to their stories, and get to share some of my own.

The shoots we do together, is never one sided, it always is a symbiotic way of working together, in the safe and intimate space of the studio, where I have some music playing, I help with posing, clients get to see the process and all of it – it makes for a moment clients enjoy, and have some foundational trust in, knowing that being a professional I’ll be able to portray them splendidly, even if very few people are trained models, or feel photogenic, or are initially tentative to the whole setup.

See what my lovely client had to say in her Google review: “My experience with Yolandi was fantastic from my request for a photo shoot until I received the photos. Yolandi got me really excited about the shoot and on the day of the shoot, she was absolutely wonderful in making me feel comfortable and confident. Her guidance during the shoot was so appreciated because of my lack of experience in front of the camera. I am so happy with my photos and for the first time, I feel that I’ve had a shoot which captures the essence of me. Thank you Yolandi”

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography