Shooting portfolios on location, in Pretoria

It’s always a toss between studio and location, and even though I love studio shooting, I do love the occasion where I get to shoot outside, and this lovely shoot was done at a very cool place, the Pretoria Voortrekker Monument. It has a feel like little other places, and it’s not quite urban like the city, and not really farm like totally, so there is a bit of an old-fashioned feel to it.  Shooting portfolios on location, makes for a unique product every time.

This lovely young girl is interested in perhaps submitting her images to an agency, and perhaps seeing if some sort of modeling career would be something that interests her.

I am a big believer in grabbing all opportunities and I think when you’re still young and active, and you have a sort of tenacious way of living still, absolutely go for something like this. 

It could be a fun experience and if you have supportive parents or guardians that help you with some decisions, I say go for it.

The best place to start is with a lovely shoot done, to showcase some of what you can portray when it’s instructed to you, so if you have a good photographer than can help you with posing to perhaps help with you grasping some things that can give you a commercial or fashion look then it would be good to schedule a test shoot with someone, which is exactly what this mother did.

I have been doing portfolios for many years already and it’s been a great privilege to work with new and aspiring models, young people who are not yet trained and fully prepared for all of it. Shooting portfolios on location like this one, provides me also with a new perspective outside of the studio which I am used to.

It’s important to help and guide them, which also counts for any client – so many people are not comfortable in front of the camera, it’s an important responsibility to help your clients for the sake of casual, more relaxed images which doesn’t look forced.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer