Shooting fitness, working in studio

It’s a wonderful drive to be motivated by wanting a healthy body, I admire it very much, as it hasn’t really been a part of my lifestyle. I like to be as healthy as I can but I don’t do the gym run, and I probably never will. So I admire anyone with the self-will an inner voice telling them to get up and go to the gym everyday, especially those that gym early morning. Shooting fitness is something I enjoy very much, you get to work with the greatest people who has this lifestyle and hard goals they aim to reach.

For me, I feel better when I stick with the photography side of it. There where I get to play with colors and lines, and make sure that the effort put into making the body look good, gets represented well visually and I have a good product in that sense.

The fitness shoot is a wonderful symbiosis between the photographer and the client, because we work well in creating good lines that will photograph well.

Like almost everything on this earth, there are differences in those that train as well, not everyone is in it for the purpose of competing in fitness competitions and many people do not train to have a perfect physique all year round, mostly just to be fit and healthy.

This incredible sexy woman came for a shoot at the studio, and I enjoyed working with her so much. Fitness shooting can be for anyone who likes to train and is proud of the work they put in, it doesn’t just have to be only for those severely ripped and muscles for days.

She was fun, smart and lovely and making her look great was easy.

The Loci Photography studio in Waverley Pretoria, makes for a great, relaxing area where clients and myself work together to have the setup and its techniques give you something you’ll be proud of. You’re in good, capable hands, whereby I have been photographing for almost ten years, and Loci Photography already has been existing successfully for almost seven of them. I’ve spent many years creating and capturing in studio, and especially the fitness shoot makes for a great getting together of clients and photographer, as it is such fun to shoot with a great subject to work with.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer