Shooting with amazing Broncolor lights- and gear

When you get to play with incredible gear you make the very best of it – and in a day where fate was only on my side, and I was able to make magic happen, the Broncolor Siros lights that were arranged for me to test made for immensely stunning images.

Broncolor is a manufacturer for flash equipment for photography, and is situated in Switzerland. It came as quite a pleasant surprise to receive a call asking if I could try the Siros kit, as my work was apparently spotted online, and perhaps I could then see what colour they render and how they work for my style. I was more than happy to try them.

For the 24 hours I had had the Broncolor lights kit, I had been able to do two shoots; a pre-arranged shoot with Tansey Coetzee of Boss Models– former Miss South Africa, and her talented makeup artist Tracey Byrne, and later that evening with South-Sudanese model Anyon Asola of Fabulousdotcom Models, whom we played with using some different coloured lights- and setups, glossy lips, and clay.

There are only two Broncolor lights kits in South Africa, and I was able to have my hands on the Gauteng set even if for not too long.

Tansey is an incredible model as she poses so well, and has velvety skin. We did three looks for her, with a nude- and more natural set to start, more of an orange-coloured lip and darker eye, and a gooey-smoky with a two-toned lip-colour, and she pulled each off.

I knew I wanted to test my own abilities with Anyon’s dark skin, and had phoned her agent when I received the lighting kit asking if it would be able to photograph with her. Anyon’s skin is like liquid magic-tar, and it glows in all of the right places.

I used a beauty dish with no additional color in front, and a striplight, with red, pink and blue gels respectively for different looks.

It’s such a wonderful set of lights, and with these stunning models to work with it made for such an impactful set of images.

Shoot with Tansey Coetzee:

Model: Tansey Coetzee Sodeinde

Makeup Artist: Tracey Byrne

Agency: Boss Models

Photographer: Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Equipment: Broncolor, Siros heads

Shoot with Anyon Asola:

Model: Anyon Asola

Agency: Fabulousdotcom Models

Photographer: Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Equipment: Broncolor, Siros heads

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer