Professionally styled food photography done by Loci Photography


I admire any company, business or individual that values hard work, and the pours everything they are, into their craft- or the success of their business. The JackRabbit Chocolate Studio, in Waterkloof, Pretoria –  continuously does that. Stephanie Ceronio, its founder and owner, is a master craftsman of chocolate and how it has evolved into so much more than what we think chocolate and sweet treats only are.

I had been fortunate enough to build some rapport- and trust with the crafty ladies of the JackRabbit Chocolate Studio, and have done various shoots and projects with them, some of their chocolates featured in a  styled shoot done, showcased on Big City Life, the popular lifestyle blog.

These three incredible desserts, were the brainchild of Stephanie, as she put together carefully curated recipes to be featured in an ebook where many Michelin Star- and top chefs worldwide, give us a taste of what they can create, and what we can only dream of doing. Only one of two South African represented chefs featured, and Stephanie did us proud.

“84 of the world’s finest chefs from 6 continents, 31 countries, with over 50 Michelin Stars, representing some of the best restaurants from Brazil to Australia who were featured on La Liste, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and with international awards – we have indeed come together!” – Flavel Monteiro*

For the images to be featured she contacted me, and we wanted to do it simply, but striking in a very minimalistic way, but everything but boring. I am all for drama and some magic, and I loved the simple way these desserts held their own with simple plating and some small garnishes. We luckily got to taste all of them afterward – and I can praise the hardworking girls of the JackRabbit Chocolate Studio endlessly for wanting nothing that to put some art back into the way we observe and enjoy chocolate and treats.


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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography