I am a firm believer in how you can never judge a book by its cover. Even though that might sound super obvious, I have seen so many times how different kinds of people visit my studio, and I have an initial feeling about how perhaps the shoot might go, and sometimes….they turn out as a complete and utter surprise.

This young lady was exactly like that for her booked portfolio shoot. I am fortunate enough to have many potential clients contact me through phone- or Whatsapp messages, and I get to then chat to them about their shoots, needs, looks they are interested in and the expectations they have. This lovely girl seemed a bit tentative but very keen for her shoot, and when I met her, she had a quiet authority about her. Very sweet and still a young soul, but then a stunning- and truly breathtaking surprise the moment I picked up a camera and pointed it at her.

I have a my own coined word which I use for that very thing that happens, which I say is someone’s “muchness” that gets expressed in that moment, and this lovely lady with her creamy, darker skin tone and soft black hair, definitely showed up in all force with her muchness, and I enjoyed- and welcomed the surprise. The process of a shoot, I fully believe isn’t just one-sided, it is a collaboration between the photographer and the client, whereby good communication even before a shoot commences, helps to see what the style of that client is, if they’re not sure what to bring make good suggestions on color for the studio, or the goal even – perhaps they want to use their images for agency work – and help them with perhaps the choice of hair- and/or makeup to have done. Professional portfolio shoots done for modelling agencies is something the Loci Photography studio has been familiar with for years – you’re in great, professional and capable hands.

My incredibly trusty hair- and makeup artist that I have used for many years for my boudoir;- portfolio;- and fitness shoots – who is Jeanne Kay Kruger of Rose Serene Studio, did an incredible set of makeup on this girl, which just elevated her features and made for an even higher quality product for this portfolio shoot.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography