Professional boudoir studio photography, by Loci

I have always felt the boudoir shoot is one of the best gifts to do both for yourself, or to present to a partner. Many ladies who contact me for a wonderful boudoir shoot use it for their wedding gift to their husbands, or as an anniversary gift to a partner after their wedding, or a few years down the line. I get to to professional boudoir studio photography, a twist to the classic boudoir many times done at the client’s home or another venue, in a different style in studio.

The safe, private and cosy Loci Photography studio in Pretoria is where I do many shoots of this nature, some boudoir studio photography. It’s a wonderful, wonderful shoot, and many of these client’s keep coming back after some years to either have another boudoir shoot done, or to bring their families for a stunning family shoot, or have me celebrate and capture their special events such as birthdays or matric dances.

There is this misconception that the boudoir shoot is only for the smallest, thinnest and youngest amongst us, and it’s simply not the truth. With a good photographer heading your shoot and helping you with posing, any woman can feel amazing, and get the product they would like, and would want to feel proud of, from these sessions. It’s a mutual affair, where both the photographer and tentative client work together, so that you have a session where you feel very comfortable and very sexy, and you know that the photographers holds your image and their hands, and will sensitively and tactfully, give it great care, and process it well.

Some women have done this more than one time, and some women have had the unfortunate experience of having been to another photographer before their shoot with Loci,  where they were treated in a strange or uncomfortable way and it’s only unfortunate. There are plenty of greta boudoir photographers to choose from, so it’s good to do some research and find someone you feel makes you feel comfortable from the first moment of contact, even if that is only email.

The boudoir shoot is meant to be something you remember fondly, and it’s a guarantee of Loci Photography, who has done the boudoir shoot for almost ten years with various women already, that your product will be something you will love, and you will definitely enjoy the lovely experience, whether at a venue of your choice, or if choosing to shoot at the studio.

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Yolandi Jacobsz – Specialised Photographer