Professional Boudoir Photography, Heidelberg

We all, meaning us artists, have our own reasons for doing what we do. It comes from different appeals to different things, and those that work with models, have their own reason, and  those working with babies, have theirs. I love professional boudoir photography – it makes me good at what I do, but it also helps me grow every time I do this. The boudoir shoot is super special, and I always plan on giving the client something they’ll never forget.

The reason I do boudoir, with normal, amazing women, is because each journey, is different. Every women wanting to do a boudoir shoot, have their own reasons for it, and many times it’s for a wedding gift, and many times, its for just – themselves.

This wonderful, but shy lady decided to do a Professional Boudoir Photography shoot, because her husband-to-be at the time, would never expect it of her, and she knew this would be a wonderful way to express herself a bit, and challenge her innate tentative side.

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We did her shoot at their home in Heidelberg, and she informed me that his face when he saw his gift, was priceless. She felt sexy, sensual and comfortable she said, and I’m so happy, this she chose this gift for him.

The boudoir shoot really is an exceptional gift of yourself. With it being so intimate, it is a visual way for your partner to look back on, always keep his keepsake (in the beautiful book-form), and remember fondly the brave way, you showed your beauty, to him. Professional boudoir photography might sound very formal, but having your special shoot done by someone that will guide you well, and help make your shoot something extraordinary, makes for the best product you get to keep.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer