Portfolio Studio Shoots – Pretoria

THESE, are some of my most favourite shoots to do – Portfolio Studio Shoots. With a stunning woman, wanting to do a shoot for her own self, and trusting me with that image. I loved everything about this shoot, and it went on way longer than normal as we kept chatting and laughing.

My cozy home studio has been used well this year, and I enjoy bringing my clients here, and having the convenience of not having to travel with my gear. It’s not very big, but it serves a great purpose, and anyone would be quite surprised as to what I can achieve in my space.

This wonderful shoot was done as upliftment, and a certain ego-booster and I knew – together we would make magic. My client also had her makeup done at my home, by a makeup artist I have used for various shoots- and projects before, Zizi Mulauzi.

We shot until I got all of the images I wanted, and we worked somewhat off of a reference list she sent through ahead of time on things she wanted to try.

I think there is most certainly a Cindy Crawford in all of us….:)

But I also do believe she (our inherent Cindy) can only come forth, with good help- and direction from the photographer. I’ve seen this time and again, where that small change such as a chin a smidge down, or an arm a little back, or just something else perhaps changed or a little this-or-that way, makes such a difference to the polished end-result.

I wanted to help her look strong, fun-loving and gorgeous, and I think all of these were achieved and came through in her final product.

It’s always a collaboration – even the best photographer needs the model to bring some of their muchness, and even the most skilled- and trained model needs some direction on what the look would have to be from the photographer. I get to work with normal people – in very little instances actually professional models, and I always feel it’s my duty to make anyone who is in front of my lens, feel comfortable and the best version of themself.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

Portfolio Studio Shoots