Portfolio shoots in studio

Portfolio shoots in studio

I’m all for making the best of any situation and I think as a photographer, it’s almost in an unspoken way, expected of you. I’ve loved being able to use my home studio more and I love working with models, both very trained and very new, and helping them in studio, which is a different playing field to environmental, is a great responsibility and an honor.

I’ve heard how people appreciate the small tips I give, from how to angle their chin and where to put hands and arms because it’s these small things that actually make a huge difference, and that helps the person somewhat exposed IN front of the camera not feel alone, they actually know their image is then in good hands.

The awesome young girl from Boss Models, with its head office in Johannesburg, had one of her first test shoots with me, and it was in studio which makes for a different feeling that outside. Studio is a bit more difficult for them I have heard, you do not have any kind of background or environment that helps add to your shoot.

It certainly has a different feel and you can certainly play very much with light, and all sorts of different ways. You can add or take away mood, and you van give it different tones and effects.

She was amazing this girl, she had a softness but still a very determined look, and I enjoyed working with her.

Even though young, I think she’ll have a great career as model with her look.

Loci has a lovely home studio where I get to do various shoots and stunning products gets created all through the collaboration of amazing, loyal and supportive clients, and a good, dedicated photographer. Portfolio shoots in studio, is something I very much enjoy. It’s where I get to help, guide and make some magic.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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