Portfolio shoots done professionally in studio


This young girl was pure gold. When she came into my studio for some portfolio shots as a test shoot to perhaps join a modeling agency, I knew I was going to have a blast. Her hair, was the thing I loved most, and she obviously had such striking features that made for a product with beautiful feminine lines.

It’s a good place to start – with photos done of yourself. Test shoots can differ in look, some are done environmentally, some are done the way I like- and shoot best, in studio. There is no wrong or right, the studio is just mostly my personal preference. I’m a photographer of substance and I like some emotion to come through in my shoots. One of the best ways to capture that, what I have found – is by the play of light the studio setup gives, as its natural shadows and highlights formed, gives atmosphere, and depictable emotion in shots. I guess we all have what makes us su, and this way of shooting has only given my business- and my personality strength, it’s what I feel I do best.

With many very young models, there is a fine line in guiding them with their shoots, as they might not fully have matured sensuality yet, and it’s always good to keep your shoots age appropriate still because of the wild and hectic way the industry can treat young girls. So doing a shoot that flatters them well, but doesn’t age them too much, but still staying true to your photographic style, can be tricky, but is completely possible when you strike a good balance.

I loved everything about this shoot, she worked her outfits well, she was comfortable in who she is, and understood the interesting poses for fashion photography which can be a bit strange to someone new in the industry. Portfolio shoots done professionally in studio with a skilled photographer such as what Loci offers, gives you an amazing product and a stunning set of images.

What she wrote in her Google review of Loci Photography: “What an amazing experience. I went for a modelling portfolio shoot with Yolandi Jacobsz, and at first I was stressed and nervous because it was my first photoshoot, but Yolandi made all the stress ebb away and that’s when the fireworks were created. Yolandi directed my each and every pose, making sure all the right angles and features were being showcased. She really helped me notice what the do’s and don’ts were and how to angle my body to make the pose look perfect. Yolandi’s friendliness immediately put me at ease and she was open for anything, giving me great advice along the way. I would definitely recommend Yolandi to anyone who is starting their modelling journey or wants to gain more experience of what it is like to be behind the lens of a camera. It’s amazing what Yolandi Jacobsz created, aside from her skill and talent.”

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography