Portfolio shoots for an agency, test shooting in studio

I absolutely adored this girl! She came for an incredible portfolio shoot at the Loci Studio, and her set of images made for such a great product! Tall, and slender – and with a bit of a deeper look, I loved shooting with her. Zoliswa forms part of the agency Fabulousdotcom’s board, and what Lydia, their owner has gotten right with these girls, and her agency is amazing. Portfolio shoots for an agency – not what I do regularly, but when it happens, it’s awesome.

She pushes so hard for these girls to be featured and it’s really remarkable.

My shoots are always filled with chats about where my client’s come from and what are their future plans and I love hearing what these girls want to do and where they still want to head to.

I’ve been told I help tremendously with posing and directing, and I think that is incredibly important. As the photographer, I think your job spans further than just capturing the images. I think anyone in front of something as daunting as a camera, wouldn’t naturally know what to do for an appealing or flattering image and only the photographer can help bridge that, it’s so important to establish a good connection and make sure your subject – which is your precious client – is as comfortable as possible. Some people are inherently more shy, others have a natural knack for posing well and moves with a fluid motion, always help though, no matter whom you have in front of you.

Agency work I have been told can be dreadful, but the wonderful girls I have worked with so far, really make my life and my job easy. I commend Fabulousdotcom, they have exponentially grown and really do so much for the models on their books.

Darker skin off course, is something I absolutely love! Skin in general is my cheap thrill, but the magic of black models and their own sensual ethnicity makes for such a rich flavour, so it’s a favourite working with them. Portfolio shoots for an agency, any agency, can be daunting but it’s all about connection, and relationships, and making sure you represent these girls visually as best you can.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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