When you’re five, you’re sure to imagine yourself a princess often. And when it’s your birthday, you most certainly want a day filled with everything pink, frilly, sparkly, glittery and some shade of pink. A pink princess party, I can’t think of anything more magical for a little girl turning five.

This family has been with my services for many years already and when their youngest now turned five, the very classy mommy set up an amazing party for her, and it looks like something for a fairytale book. There were beautiful little cakes and sweets in glass jars, and a place to sit for each girl, decorated with tutus and pearls, and an abundance of the colour pink.

It’s amazing how now, and there are so many options for birthday parties and so many things you can add to your event to make it spectacular. A party now is so special to go to and so much effort is being put into making the day just so much more.

A pink princess party will brighten up everyone’s day, not just a little girl’s, and being part of this family’s events as they celebrate the children, I find a privilege. I’m sure this special little girl – who was all dressed up and a beautiful dress, with a crown, and sparkly shoes, will remember this one birthday for quite some time because of it being so beautifully done. Loci Photography has served many clients photographically for years, whether it be for family shoots, boudoir shoots, events, corporate events- or images, or, a pink princess party. Working with people is what I love, and every single shoot, or event, or moment, is different, which keeps it interesting.

Photography will always be a part of my life, just like what I do, will always be a part, of the many families that have worked with me over the years.
Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer