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When people hear I’m a photographer, they’re always interested in hearing what do I specializes in – or what do I mostly like doing, and that is always a hard question to answer, for me, as I have always liked the various genres that photography gives, and the photography services I offer, are quite vast, as so many different things can be done if you’re creative enough and add some effort.

Johann van der Walt is an internationally renowned Fujifilm X-Photographer, and had the good fortune of marrying his sweetheart Xaiyoi recently. Even though Xaiyoi can’t speak English superbly well, she has a sweetness to her that shines through, and the feeling between the two of them are palpable. We were able to do their lovely couple shoot at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens – a favourite of mine. While we were there, the greenery was still rich, and many flowers still bloomed, giving their shoot a foresty feel, and making Xaiyoi seem like a fairy with her stunning blue dress.

Johann has a different array of photography services he offers, other than mine. Johann is a master of long exposure and has breathtaking landscape images that could have you looking for hours. He also understands the elements of Infrared photography, and seems to be able to get creative even with landscape photography, which some might think is not possible.

I feel immensely honoured that I was asked to capture their love, and unique bond, in the best way I know how. A man that knew basic Mandarin and learnt to speak even better for his bride,  – that has got to be true love, and I am happy for the both of them. Couple shoots are exactly that – the energy and emotion captured between two people already crazy about each other, that’s why I love it so.


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