A newborn video with Zetske van Pletzen, and little Alexander

I’ve known Zetske van Pletzen for a couple of years, since I’ve started my career and I contacted many high-profile artists, actors, dancers and entertainers to ask if I could photograph them. Zetske has married her love of many years, fellow actor Altus Theart in the meantime, and recently had a baby – a stunning baby boy. I wanted to do a newborn video with her, and the little one.

Such an attractive couple could only make for a beautiful kid, and this one is. Big alert eyes, and sweet mannerisms true to babies.

I wanted to make a video with Zetske and her boy, showing her as new mother, a role I am not too used to on her. She is able to work cameras so well, and photographs like a dream. I’ve photographer her before on various occasions.

Seeing her handle Alexander, soft and tender with him being everything little still, was great to see. Love pours over him, from both parents I am sure.

The Fujfiilm X-T2 has an amazing video capability, and I am starting to use this more and more. Videos…are alive, and I love that feature. It creates a moving story, different to one….or even a set of photographs. Loving photography I know its place, and how that one image creates something emotional or evokes some thought, let’s you think or wonder or even look away…..and I’ll be that forever and more.

But giving people the chance to see some of their family, like this – a newborn video…moving….making their usual sounds, laughing their usual laughs…and see it alive….keeps the heart beating. Those are your people, and moments you do not want to forget happened.

Newborns are amazing. So perfect already and still so small. Totally dependent on their caregivers, and by the look of things – Zetske make for the best of mothers, caring and loving.

This video was made using the Acros film simulation, another great feature as black and white on the X-T2 camera.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer