After any maternity shoot, the good part inevitably happens- a lovely baby is born which is what we all were waiting for, and we need to do the Newborn Shoot. Maternity shoots are amazing, it’s the energy of expecting parents, and I can feel how they are so excited about baby coming, and the feeling that is hanging in the air, of how their life will change in a huge way when their new addition arrives. Newborn Shoots – all the more fun.

With Newborn Shoots I try and see how best we can accomodate the parents, and usually, what works well if the parents aren’t able to travel with their little one to my home studio in Pretoria, I am able to bring through the mobile studio service that Loci Photography can offer clients to have Newborn Shoots done at their homes, which make for a cosy setting that the parents and baby know already, and we can go to work to try and make some special memories.

A little baby has their own language they speak and they’ll tell you if something isn’t right, even though we have no clue what that is and how to help them at times….:)

A Newborn Shoot can take on it’s own life, and you have to just handle it with patience and make the environment as comfortable as possible. This particular day was a day where it poured over Johannesburg in bucket loads, so we kept the room warm with an aircon, and wrapped baby up whenever it was needed. With my style, I try and guide the parents into what they were thinking of wearing, by still keeping their own style and I loved the muted grey of these parents and their little girl. I love keeping the emotion and feeling of the shoot strong, so my shoots usually don’t include too many props, usually just parent’s and their caring hands, and their precious baby, and some expressions and smiles.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer

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