New, different family shoots in studio

THIS incredible mother and grandma is everything! This shoot was done in a way to promote a bit of a different way of taking family photographs, different family shoots in studio, and to have people think a little outside of the usual, normal box. I love my studio space, and I make sure to always create, keep it new and fresh and try different styles on different people. I know everyone has a unique way of doing their shoots and even myself, try and stick to what I know – but I do seem to push myself and I do want to know that it doesn’t HAVE to only be one way.

This awesome, awesome kid made for an entertaining day. She gave us lots of personality, and at some point, just fell asleep – so we waited for her to wake up again over some coffee and then carried on.

My clients are obviously what keeps me going, they really are – many clients become close friends and people I can always count on do come back again for more stunning products because of the great quality Loci Photography provides.

I shoot for as long as I feel people need me to, until we get the best shots, and I always edit more for people. They are always sure of more images from their shoot because I trust in my work so much, I immerse myself completely in what I love to do, that when it comes to choosing – I never know what else to cull.

It might be a horrible strategy – and it might not always serve me but I know there are hundreds of clients who seem to value and appreciate the work I put in and the fact that I still get paid to give people this skill, is what makes me believe – I am still doing great work after six years almost of having my studio and I  really always give my best.

From clients in Johannesburg, Johannesburg South, Middelburg, Rustenburg, Klerksdorp, and the whole of Pretoria – it’s been such a great journey so far. And for myself, I know how I pour so much of what I am into my work, make for unique products for people, do different family shoots in studio, different shoots on location, try and bring in different elements all the time actually – and it’s such fun!


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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