Moody modern studio family portraits

I do love stunning moody modern studio family portraits  like these, they are proper my style and what I wish to shoot more. I do understand that these types of moody, darker type of shoots aren’t always everyone’s preference, and that many families still prefer the very white, classic way of shooting, and there is nothing wrong with it. I myself have just always loved studio, and I have loved doing something with a bit more mood and feel. 

This beautiful model is a previous model and luckily knew how to pose very well. She had her baby about 9 months ago, and this little cutie was happy enough to pose with her in this stunning set I absolutely love.

Loci Photography is able to do a mobile studio for families who require it, and together with a group shoot with her sisters-in-law and their children, we were able to set up a mobile studio in their home in Centurion.

It’s always good to get inspiration from anyone that appeals to your style and whose work you aspire to have your own work look similar to, and I very much love the portraits of US-based photographer Vicky Papas Vergara, and I base many of my moody studio shoots on her work. She photographs beautifully and the styling of the families looks lovely.

I also aim to get some lovely portraits that look well lit and polished and styled, and with this shoot, I truly am crazy about the result.

Any family shoot is fine, there isn’t a wrong day to go about it I think, whether you rather want to opt for the universal studio look or something outdoors and including the environment, I think it’s just a good thing already when you do make the decision to capture something for your family, and have it done professionally.Moody, modern studio family portraits is something I love doing and when I can get some clients who sees my vision and is willing to try it, I give them something amazing.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer