Mommy and me shoots, Pretoria

Mommy and me shoots

When you get to certain places in your career, and really polish your style to have some of your products look a certain way, it’s amazing to get certain results that you feel isn’t mainstream and very much closer to what you had in mind for your own unique look, special to your brand.

I very much love the work of Vicky Papas Vergara, and I love that her Mommy and baby shoots are so stylish, and quite artistic. It had a different emotion, is styled different to a mainstream look, and I wanted to really show the mother’s beauty as well as the bond between mommy and baby, in the ultimate stylish way.

Babies are exactly what they are, cute and…unpredictable. So we try what we can with these little people who sometimes have a way of controlling the whole shoot.

I love playing with light and different ways of shooting in my studio. It’s been such a comfort to use the studio extensively well, and to do so many various different things that makes for great products for people, from fitness shoots, to boudoir, to these amazing mommy and me shoots, and I love the ultimate look of it.

For me it feels like growth – that I had this idea in my mind, and then brought it to fruition. It might not fully be a product that is right for everyone, but it looks lovely on so many mommies and to do this with them and their babies gives me such joy. It’s creating beauty right in front of my eyes, and it working with a mommy that cares for this cute little kid, and I bring that together in elegance and produce a quality product.

In our world, we have a bit of a luxury to play, and we really have no limits to what we can try. All shoots won’t be for everyone and that’s good – everyone has their own style, but there are still no limits to photography and finding myself still every year in different styles is what makes this all worth it for me….


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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