Mommy and me shoot, in studio – Pretoria

Mommy and me shoot, Pretoria

In my career, I have always found joy in getting creatives together, collaborating with other artists, as it’s both the most wonderful, scary and lonesome place at times, and shooting with amazing photographer Judith Belle, was such an awesome, enlightening experience. She is such, SUCH a strong mother, and I didn’t even knows to that extend until I was able to photograph her.

She takes on this journey and responsibility of taking care of her kid with such tenacity and she has big dreams for little Lumen, whom we have come to know even before she was born, as Judith documented her special pregnancy on Instagram, and her breathtaking birth was something we all experienced with her.

I’ve known Judith for some years and here and there we get to walk into each other at events, but I knew for a personal reason, that I wanted to show this amazing bond she has with this lovely little girl, and I wanted to do it Yolandi-style. There is a depth and some sort of mood I wanted to get, and it’s not really as if I have a label for it, or it’s so defintite that I even always know what I’m doing, but many times I actually get it right, and for this, Judith pure beauty, but her plainly just being the best kick-ass mom she can be, must show and must come across and even though I “tried”, I think it was a success. It’s a different take on the Mommy and me shoot, but it shows amazing emotion and their bond perfectly.

I love my home studio, it’s not very big big but it’s a superb little playground where many of my ideas come to life. It’s cosy and welcoming, and the fact that so many clients come to Pretoria to shoot with me is a huge accolade and makes it all the more reason for me to give these ideas the best of my skill so that the end-product just looks all sorts of awesome


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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