Matric dances, photography done in Johannesburg

I love good matric dance images, or the chance to photograph some matric dances, it’s such an exciting event, and the young people who get to partake in their special evening always seems so excited and full of promising new futures.

This time of year, means so good matric dance photography sessions booked, and I will most probably never get old of them. This was done at the Rietvlei Zoo Farm in the South of Johannesburg, where there always seems to be wind the day I want to go take some images….:)

This mother gave me and my company the best compliment, where she said she booked me purely on the kind way I responded to her messages and emails, and I proudly thought by myself – after having my studio for almost seven years already, I must be doing something right.

Client- and customer service is a big deal for me, and no matter who the client is, whether an existing, previous or a potential new client, I feel treat them with respect and never make them feel that if or when they walk away from you, you treated them badly.

Have them remember their time with you fondly, that you made them comfortable in front of the daunting camera, and let them go about their way with the assured feeling that their product will be nothing short of awesome.

This is the awesome headboy of Dinamika Hoërskool and his lovely date, and the color red really helped pop in the images. I’ve shot a few times at the Rietvlei Zoo Farm and it has its own appeal. This time of the year it isn’t yet lusciously green but the dryness of the veld really looks lovely in the images and it almost makes the couples stands out even more.

It’s a wonderful time of year, and with especially matric dances I get to be able to remember my own all over again, and have a fun shoot with these lovely young people.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer