Matric Dance Photography, Pretoria, Loci Photography

The matric dances will always be one of my most favourite things to shoot. What is our equivalent to the senior prom in many other countries, makes for beautifully dressed young people and an evening full of excitement.

This amazing, leggy, beautiful young matriculant found me through a referral, and decided on the Irene Dairy Farm for her shoot.

The Irene Dairy Farm is a favourite, as it has wonderful open fields, lanes framed by tall trees, and pretty little spots for some stunning pictures. Having the Profoto B1 location kit available, made for some mood, and it could be used to light her and her partner brilliantly, while still getting of the amazing background in.

I love the diversity photography brings. It’s a great medium where you can express so many different things, from the unsettling to the most beautiful, and the one person’s images won’t look like the next. To be able to take family photos for people, corporate photos for companies, couple photos, event photos, boudoir photos, and then also matric dance photography, makes the job never dull and always gives new, fresh images to edit of so many different things.

It keeps me on my toes definitely, and I get to enjoy what it can give me, which is a virtually limitless playing field, and I can do anything with it.

South Africa has a bit of a different schedule when it comes to matric dances, as many schools decide on having it earlier, before the senior exams start, others later, due to venue availability, so there are usually a couple of chances a year to live vicariously through these young people’s special day, as they are excited for their evening with friends to end of their school careers. Matric Dance Photography is the best fun to do.

Loci Photography is my brand, and I’ve been doing professional photography for almost 10 years. Be sure to book your stunning matric dance shoot for a great keepsake of images.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography